The State of RELIGION in AMERICA Today

Religions: Explore religious groups in the U.S. by tradition, family and denomination Christian 70.6% ►ExpandEvangelical Protestant25.4% ►ExpandMainline Protestant14.7% ►ExpandHistorically Black Protestant6.5% Catholic20.8% ►ExpandMormon1.6% ►ExpandOrthodox Christian0.5% Jehovah’s Witness0.8% ►ExpandOther Christian0.4% Non-Christian Faiths 5.9% Jewish1.9% Muslim0.9% Buddhist0.7% Hindu0.7% Other World Religions0.3% Other Faiths1.5% Unaffiliated (religious “nones”)22.8% Atheist3.1% Agnostic4.0% Nothing in particular15.8% Don’t know0.6% % of adults who are “highly religious” […]

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How religious is your state?

There are many potential ways of defining what it means to be religious, but for the purposes of this analysis, we looked at four common measures of religious observance: worship attendance, prayer frequency, belief in God and the self-described importance of religion in one’s life. The interactive tool above allows you to rank the 50 U.S. […]

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“The six stages of a dying church:” Denial. The church is declining numerically, but no one seems concerned. Fewer people are reached with the gospel, but no alarm sounds. The church’s impact on the community is negligible, but life continues in the church like nothing has happened. Recalibration. There is a sense that something’s wrong […]

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