Christian Counseling Expert Joins

In December of 2007, Constance B. Ratcliff founded Legacy Family Counseling to serve children, teens, adults and families in East Tennessee. Ratcliff is a Licensed Professional Counselor -Mental Health Service Provider who is certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors, is a Registered Play Therapist as well as Certified Play Attention Provider and Consultant. […]

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When putting together a video that powerfully moves people the most important element to that video is a great audio track. The following project demonstrates this principal with a simple looping background product available here combined with the “Sirius” track by Allan Parsons Project (avaialable from itunes) and a message on the Victory of the Cross of […]

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Grant-Writing 101

As part of its series “Innovations in Counseling: Working With Minority Populations,” the NBCC Foundation invites you to a no-cost webinar Thursday, April 24, 2014, from 2-3 p.m. EDT. The Innovations in Counseling training series was specifically designed to meet the training needs of NBCC Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) Fellows. This session on grant writing […]

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Get To The Top Of Google in a Week

With billions of search queries going through Google every day, and over 200 million websites online, the Internet is now dominating the way that we interact and do business with one another. Despite these high and growing numbers, unfortunately the fair majority of these sites online are just pages existing in cyberspace without optimization. Significant money […]

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