5 Reasons I Am Thankful for My Critics

  1. Because I am wrong sometimes, perhaps often. Just because I received a criticism does not mean he’s wrong and I am right. I need to consider prayerfully the nature of the criticism to see if I can learn something.
  2. Because I need an extra dose of humility. If I can move to a greater level of humility, I can become more like Christ. I need greater humility. I need to be more like Christ.
  3. Because I tend to pray more. It’s really an indictment against me and my spiritual maturity. But I do tend to pray with greater frequency and greater fervency when I am criticized.
  4. Because I need to be a greater encourager. I don’t like criticisms. They are painful. I need to remember to keep my own criticisms of others to a minimum, and to offer more encouragements. Criticisms remind me to encourage others.
  5. Because I need to improve and grow. The criticisms remind me of my inadequacies and my lack of growth in many areas. I can either have a pity party, a fit of anger, or I can seek to be better. The critics push me closer to God who is my strength for any and all improvements.

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  1. Street Preacherz
    Street Preacherz June 16, 2017 at 3:40 pm #

    If it wasn’t for critics how would you know if the preaching is effective? lol sorry… sometimes it helps. I wonder if you read the Sunday funnies in that tone if you’d get as much push back.
    Please hear me for a moment, “Donald duck said…”
    Not an expert, just saying, for the sake of conversation.

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