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  • I took the test. Here are my comments.
    Yes I want a church that reaches the community.
    I am concern much about the local congregation being spiritually where they need to be with God.
    I believe the pastors and the associates responsibility is to encourage and develop Christians.
    Most church members in the Pentecostal churches are not Christians.
    Oh but Scotty you are judging. I am judging. I am discerning.
    In the Book Of Acts we had disciples, then Christians, then saints Christians are to be Christlike, saints are to be Christlike.
    Apostle Paul and John called believers SAINTS. The Church is to be SAINTS. The SAINTS are to be Holy Spirit filled believers who are able to help and lead the sinner that comes into the congregation to accept JESUS CHRIST.
    The PASTOR (THE SHEPHERD) is to feed the LAMBS and SHEEP so they can go and bring forth LAMBS. The only way that SHEEP can bring forth LAMBS is that they have a spiritual relationship with the HOLY GHOST. The HOLY GHOST in a spiritual relationship with a person will produce LAMBS through a manifestation and signs of His power. If the SHEEP are not producing lambs through manifesting the signs and power of the HOLY GHOST, then they do have a spiritual relationship with the HOLY GHOST.
    I am not interested as being in the top 20 churches in my area as attendance. I am interested in being #1 in HOLY GHOST relationship and manifestation of his power.

    The PASTOR will assist in carrying for the new LAMBS that the SHEEP
    Yes the church should minister through the SHEEP and the LAMBS to the hurting world.

  • Very very good observations. You know where the test comes from/

  • ” Most church members in the Pentecostal churches are not Christians.”

  • bro Scotty seems like Jim cough you on this one 🙂

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