EVERY 26 MINUTES a pastor leaves ministry never to return

Thank you for taking a moment to read June’s newsletter. On average, every 26 minutes a pastor leaves the ministry never to return. That is about 1500 every four weeks. I know some and my guess is you do too. I spoke with a minister friend a couple of weeks ago at a very difficult church that told me, “If I had a way to make a living, I would leave tomorrow.” This is not a fly-by-night, flippant individual, but a deeply dedicated servant of Christ with a profound ability to shepherd. However, years of mean-spirited church people, those referred to as Clergy Killer’s, have destroyed ministers world-wide. The Clergy Killer’s have vaporized a significant number of minister’s spiritual and emotional resilience.

My guess is that you know a pastor like this; maybe you are a pastor like this. I don’t have the magic bullet to solve the problem, but I wanted to let you know about a first step of help. Every minister should own a copy of this documentary. It is the number one Christian documentary of 2013, BETRAYED: The Clergy Killer’s DNA.

To view the movie trailer and order a copy go to: https://betrayedthemovie.com

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