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  • I can’t think or the name of the city but I learned today that the last Christian Church is now closed. Most of the population is Muslim. It’s not on the list. Dearborn Michican. I just remembered.

  • Michael Ellis Carter Jr. NY in 3 5 7 place and 10 Joe Absher SF #8

  • Yeah that’s crazy how many cities from New York is on the list.

  • Also crazy the great cities full of churches and yet covered in darkness, violence and despair

  • Michael Ellis Carter Jr. why are they still calling NON Christian POST Christian? a post modern is NOT modern anymore

  • We should take note that, most of these Cities are heavily populated with witch covens and witchcraft. And/or gross darkness and sin, along with lgbt, and whatever other letters they add to it.

    Then, because there are so many Cities in the State of New York is on the list, which has the largest City in the U.S., then we ought to pay close attention. Because its indicative of what will spread through the rest of the Country.

    So just like they are the 1st to get all the fashions, apparel, shoes, sun glasses, hair styles, etc. Ao it is in the SPIRIT.

    It’s time to pray for True REvival to hit this Country

    • witches were on the rise in schools nowadays too They were trained to intercept children from Christian families and to invite them trough a great manipulation to pride clubs and activities Through this type of witchcraft has been mainly in the Boston area its now on the rise in the South Joe Absher can give more info about the SF area though he may not know about the same going on via the 5G line that can penetrate human DNA and as for Isara Mo I know lots of people in Africa pray to the queen of the sea – same demon overall if you ask

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