The Importance of Rest This Christmas Season

Restful Christmas

As churches enter the busiest season of the year,  it is important for ministry leaders to be intentional about setting aside time to rest. Without prioritizing rest during the Christmas season, it can be difficult for leadership teams to avoid burnout. Rest is so vital to a leader’s spiritual health, that God himself rested on the seventh day.

“There remains, then, a Sabbath-rest for the people of God; for anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from their works, just as God did from his,” Hebrews 4: 9-10

Plan for rest with these three tips as you enter the holiday season to ensure you walk through Christmas services and programs with vitality and a calm spirit.

  1. Remember the reason for the season.

    Spend quality time with those that mean the most to you, and lean into the emotional support they offer. Clear your calendar and plan relaxing activities with your family. Go see holiday lights with hot chocolate in hand, or watch a movie together on the couch. A short weekend getaway is a great way to assure quality time is enjoyable for everyone. Families boost our confidence and bring out the best in each of us, so make these bonding experiences a priority. 

  2. Ask for help.

    Allow others to carry some of the ministerial responsibilities with you, and learn to delegate tasks efficiently. If there is a project that will require a substantial amount of time and energy, invite team members to lend a helping hand. Trust the members of your team to produce high-quality work, and let them take ownership of the assignment. 

  3. Rest is physical, mental, and spiritual.

    Physical rest can take the form of a nap or a simple 30-minute break to raise your feet and close your eyes. Better yet, get an extra hour of sleep tonight! Mental rest should include stepping away from devices and media outlets to give yourself time to clear your mind and reflect. An easy way to promote both physical and mental health is to take a 20-minute walk outdoors with no agenda other than to breathe deeply and promote a healthy heart rate. As for spiritual rest, sit with God in silence and refocus your heart on Him. When you align yourself with His plans and purposes, you will be equipped to tackle the Christmas season with a healthy mind, body, and soul.

It is fundamental to prioritize rest for your health and well-being this Christmas season. A proven way to start the New Year off at your full capacity is to make sure you are embracing every opportunity to rest this holiday season.

At Vanderbloemen, we are passionate about helping you further your team’s mission. To make planning this year’s Christmas service a bit more manageable, consider using our Comprehensive Christmas Eve Checklist which includes childcare reminders, special service elements, and more.