Rethinking Your Church Strategy

Web design fads come and go. The techniques we’re using nowadays will be laughable in only a couple short years. Regardless, Google’s homepage, which hasn’t changed much since the 90’s, is still one of the most popular websites on the Internet. How can that be?

They meet the needs of the visitor. And the basics of what people need from Google haven’t changed in over twenty years. You see; you can redesign your church’s website every year. But unless you’re meeting your visitors’ needs, a redesign won’t make the site more effective.

That’s why you need the Rethinking Your Church Website Strategy e-book. It talks about who your visitors are, what they want from your site, and how to meet those needs—regardless of whether or not your site looks completely modern, or more like Google.

Rethinking Your Church Website Strategy e-book covers what information you need on your site, how to help your guests find what they need, and even some user experience information. And all these principles are applied to a real life church website so you can follow along.

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