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When putting together a video that powerfully moves people the most important element to that video is a great audio track. The following project demonstrates this principal with a simple looping background product available here combined with the “Sirius” track by Allan Parsons Project (avaialable from itunes) and a message on the Victory of the Cross of […]

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4 common church types across the nation from the 2018 State of the Church in America

Statistics collected in a 5-year period between 2013-2018 from among over 350 North American Congregations More upcoming 2018 State of the Church in America Mainline Ministry Characteristics 5 more common church types across the nation 3 financial characteristics of the average church in America College education take over church leadership 4 leading types of pastor’s […]

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Remember when you could tell two churches that split: Harmony Baptist Church and Greater Harmony Baptist Church? Those days are gone. But what has not changed is that many churches have commonalities in names. In their attempts to be different, they have become common: “Point” has become ubiquitous. LifePoint. CrossPoint. Add an “e” to be […]

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Is your church ready for GDPR?

You’ve probably heard about GDPR. The new European data protection regulation that applies practically to everyone enters in power on May 25, 2018. Especially if you operate a church or ministry website, it’s most likely that there’s already a process for getting your systems in compliance with the regulation. GDPR in effect adds to or […]

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National Church Survey to Reveal 2018 State of the Church in America

National church survey reveals important data about the state of the church in America today The survey has been conducted for the past two years in several hundred congregations from all denominations across the United States. All collected national trends provide information about essential ministry dynamics and characteristics of the local congregation like: Church Type […]

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What Church Leaders Need to Know about the GOP Tax Bill Just Passed

What are the greatest benefits to pastors (and church workers)? Frank Sommerville (CPA, attorney, and editorial advisor for Church Law & Tax): Pastors will benefit along with 80.4 percent of other Americans. Nothing affects the pastors differently from the other population. Ted Batson (CPA, partner and tax counsel of CPA firm CapinCrouse): There are no […]

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7 Church Trends in 2018

1. A Move Beyond Church In A Box Let me start out by saying I’m a huge supporter of the local church. Anyone who’s read these pages would know that. The mission of the local church is the most important mission on planet earth. Which is why this issue is so critical. This year I think more […]

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