5 Social Media Myths in the Church

Church planters and pastors have finally come around to the concept that there may be a place for social media in their ministry. But I still find that there remain a lot of myths about what social media can do for the ministry. Here are 5 social media myths we encounter in the order that we typically see each myth being busted.

Myth 1. Social Media is a Fad or Trend
I know… this myth has been busted for some time but there are still a few pastors who are hanging on to the hope. This statistic should eliminate any doubt; if Facebook were a country it would be the world’s 3rd largest. There are twice as many Facebook users as there are American citizens. Myth… busted.

Myth 2. Every Pastor, Planter and Church Should Use Social Media
While it is true that social media is here to stay and that some (really only a few) churches are using it well, there remain some pastors and churches that it just doesn’t make sense that they use social media. While MOST should not ALL should.

Myth 3. Having a Twitter and Facebook Account = Successful Social Media Strategy
This is the myth that we find most church planters and pastors buying today. They think if they simply set-up a Facebook page, twitter account, and maybe even a blog that they have successfully implemented a social media strategy. These pastors are easy to identify. They’re last tweet was 12 months ago and it was only their fifth tweet ever. Their Facebook page is promoting last Christmas’ candle light service in the middle of the summer and their blog post has one post about how excited they are to be blogging. If this is where you find yourself you either need to get to work or delete your accounts.

Myth 4. Tons of Followers and Likes = Well Executed Social Media Strategy
I have a confession…. I’m just moving past this myth myself so I’m not too far ahead of you. Lots of followers on Twitter and thousands of “likes” to your Facebook page simply means you got a lot of people’s attention one time. It does not mean that you have an audience or a large group of people that are with you in ministry. Conversation or dialogue is THE STANDARD for a successfully executed social media strategy.

Myth 5. Social Media is Free
It’s not even close. What it doesn’t cost you in hard dollars and cents it will cost you in time and energy. If you hope to successfully implement a social media strategy someone has to own it and it must be a top priority for that team member.

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