Why plant new churches? One out of every two Louisiana residents surveyed indicated no “personal relationship” with Jesus Christ. That means over 2,244,000 people without Christ.

Most new churches start with the sole purpose of reaching people without Christ.

New churches open up new fronts on the spiritual & cultural needs in every community.

 “The single most effective evangelistic method under heaven is planting new churches that in turn reproduce themselves” ~ C. Peter Wagner.

Want to see where the work is taking place? View the Engage Map at the link below.

Engage Map

The Opportunity is for EVERYONE!

5 ways that you can get involved now:

  1. Sponsoring a New Congregation
  2. Sending people from your church to help launch a Church Plant or New Campus
  3. Becoming a Church Planter
  4. Becoming a Church Planting Team Member
  5. Praying for Church Planters in Louisiana & beyond.

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