Church Giving, Budgeting, and Financial/Generosity Ministry

on Church Giving, Budgeting, and Financial/Generosity Ministry

Background on the survey: In late 2008 and early 2009 there were a growing number of media articles and news stories about a decline in church giving in light of the growing recession in America. Church giving stories were in city newspapers, primetime television news stories, national magazines, and even on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Many of the news stories tended to be anecdotal with a national or local reporter calling a few pastors to find out what was happening in their local church concerning giving. Very few of the stories referenced any national research or solid data to substantiate what was really happening in churches across America. The goal of the survey was to gain some solid data and bench marks about what really happened with church giving in 2008, how were churches handling budgeting issues for 2009, and what churches were doing to ramp up financial/generosity ministries in their congregation to help people during the growing recession.

Download the survey: [here]

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