2.0 Financial Assessment is ALL NEW! We have teamed up with Franklin Financial Planning to help and promote church ministry. They have agreed to provide a 30-45 min. complimentary phone consultation with Pastors to discuss areas of concern. If your church’s situation necessitates a more in-depth analysis, at that point Franklin Financial Planning will provide a proposal outlining the scope of the relationship, exactly what their team will strive to help the church accomplish, and a fee for retaining services. Check out all further details here:

See also the Current Survey Result on Church Giving, Budgeting, and Financial/Generosity Ministry

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  1. Louise Cummings
    Louise Cummings July 31, 2018 at 4:30 pm #

    We tape live every service. Sunday mornings. At 11:00. Sometimes we get started a little earlier than 11:00. Maybe five or ten minutes. Then Sunday night at 5:00 pm. And Wednesday’s at 6:30. Pm. But I don’t think it gets on what you do. But my daughter said we had a web site. It’s Gate Way Church. Nick McSpadden Pastor. Every one welcome. You might be able to find it. He was there Sunday Morning. But left after church going to General Assembly. Had a guest speaker. Sunday. And will have our former Pastor to preach Wednesday night. If you can pick it up.

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