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ChurchInfluence.com 2.0 Financial Assessment

ChurchInfluence.com is ALL NEW! We have teamed up with Franklin Financial Planning to help and promote church ministry. They have agreed to provide a 30-45 min. complimentary phone consultation with Pastors to discuss areas of concern. If your church’s situation necessitates a more in-depth analysis, at that point Franklin Financial Planning will provide a proposal outlining the […]

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Church Planting Self Assessment: ARE YOU A CHURCH PLANTER?

“How do you spot a church planter?”  “What does a church planter look like?”  Many believe the number one reason why church plants fail is the selection of the wrong planter.  Therefore, wrestling with this question of what a church planter looks like is extremely important for those leading a church planting movement.  Unfortunately, this […]

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Congregational Assessment Inventories

Congregational Assessment Inventories Over the past thirty-four years many hundreds of churches have used Hartford Institute’s congregational inventories to assist in their pastoral search and church planning efforts. Our three basic surveys and reporting forms are user-friendly and reflect the insights from the most recent up-to-date social science research on congregations.  Recently we instituted an online […]

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