Congregational Assessment Inventories

Congregational Assessment Inventories

Over the past thirty-four years many hundreds of churches have used Hartford Institute’s congregational inventories to assist in their pastoral search and church planning efforts.

Our three basic surveys and reporting forms are user-friendly and reflect the insights from the most recent up-to-date social science research on congregations.  Recently we instituted an online version that also allows for some customization, is less expensive and has a more rapid turnaround time.

We hope you agree with us that these surveys are the best assessment instruments currently available to churches.

Consult our index below for more information about our church inventories:

Which inventory should you use?
Can I see a sample of the Inventories?

Can I see a sample of the final report?

Is there comparison data?

How does the process work?

How should we distribute the questionnaires?
Should I survey everyone or draw a sample?
What is the cost of the inventories?
How do I order inventories?

Can you provide assistance in interpreting the report?

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