How to become a Top 20 church in your area

Dear Pastor,

You and your church have been chosen among the first 100 congregations in the U.S. to participate in the launching of a new and innovative web tool that can help you improve your church influence in the local community. This is how it works:

  •  Go to to check if your church is among the Top 20 in your area
  • If it is not, fill up our 5 min. confidential survey so you can see why
  • Receive an instant FREE report generated specifically for you uses an analytic algorithm to reveal your church influencebased on the areas of (1) spirituality, (2) demographics, (3) leadership, (4) organizational system and (5) combined vision and mission. Consider the recommended actions to improve your church standing.

Your participation today will help us create a valid bank, which will help others in the ministry as well. Your information is completely confidential and will not be used for offers or reselling. Click here to begin now:

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