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  1. Jim Price
    Jim Price October 16, 2017 at 8:06 pm #

    There are many ways to get people to thinking about stewardship. I told this story once from the pulpit and later a wife in the church told me that her husband latched onto my point and made his first donation. ” A few weeks ago I was visiting a prospect for the church and he invited me to see his Harley Davidson out in the garage. After we had looked it over I commented on the special chrome bars and a new seat and saddle bags”. Listening I learned that the accessories had cost him $ 1,300.00 and then I pointed out to my audience that just cutting out some of the extra’s that salesmen want to sell you can greatly help the kingdom of God. This man had been thinking about buying some accessories for his boat but decided to give it to the Lord’s cause instead. But of course you have to keep everything positive and without condemnation or else they will rebel on you and you will never get an offering.

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