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  • Donald Phillips Peter Vandever Gary Micheal Epping Neil Konitshek Pete Fiske How come the great FLORIDA revivals and Dr Brown didnt help AoG in Florida? Was it Resolution 16 that hindered or it just could not fully respond to the latino inner city Miami culture?

  • Again as in an earlier thread, I object to the Brownsville revival being lumped in to some kind of so called category called the great Florida revivals. It absolutely had nothing to do with the Lakeland revival. That is an offensive comparison that has no merit. The Brownsville Revival just so happened to occur in an AOG church, but it was never about the AOG, as people came from around the world from all denominations, and of course unbelievers. I would estimate that nearly half the visitors were from non AOG churches, and the believers of course having no affiliation.

  • How come Calvary Chapel has done so well in Florida? Why has the Mormon Church done so well in Florida? Since when does “doing well” equal sound doctrine?

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