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6 Safety Trends and Risks for Churches

1. Avoidable Incidents It’s almost a given that a church insurance company such as GuideOne will see millions of dollars in claims resulting from incidents that, in many cases, are preventable: fires, water damage, and falls, to name a few. Aside from establishing a risk management team or committee in your church, we highly recommend […]

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ChurchInfluence.com 2.0: Are you in the NEW TOP 20 churches in your area?

ChurchInfluence.com is ALL NEW! We have taken special care in rolling out the 2.0 version of the website with a brand new approach to measuring and assessing the social influence of your ministry. This includes new church influence tools and inventories in: church trends church scores top 20 area assessment new team of experts finances […]

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WebMinistry 2.0 for Churches: A Step-by-Step Guide

WebMinistry 2.0 for Churches {Step-by-Step Guide} Part 1: The Web Process WebMinistry 2.0 for Churches {A Step-by-Step Guide} Part 2: 5 Reasons to use WordPress WebMinistry 2.0 for Churches {A Step-by-Step Guide} Part 3: WordPress and Its Famous 5 Minute Installation WebMinistry 2.0 for Churches {A Step-by-Step Guide} Part 4: Ten Useful Plug-ins WebMinistry 2.0 […]

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Churches that are “family-owned and operated” closing this year

This week cover symptoms often found in dysfunctional churches. The list is not meant to be critical but eye-opening. There is hope for our churches, and that hope is found in Christ. Some highlights: If there are severe theological errors in a church, it may no longer be a true church. Force-terminated pastors are too common. The average […]

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