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The State of RELIGION in AMERICA Today

Religions: Explore religious groups in the U.S. by tradition, family and denomination Christian 70.6% ►ExpandEvangelical Protestant25.4% ►ExpandMainline Protestant14.7% ►ExpandHistorically Black Protestant6.5% Catholic20.8% ►ExpandMormon1.6% ►ExpandOrthodox Christian0.5% Jehovah’s Witness0.8% ►ExpandOther Christian0.4% Non-Christian Faiths 5.9% Jewish1.9% Muslim0.9% Buddhist0.7% Hindu0.7% Other World Religions0.3% Other Faiths1.5% Unaffiliated (religious “nones”)22.8% Atheist3.1% Agnostic4.0% Nothing in particular15.8% Don’t know0.6% % of adults who are “highly religious” […]

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National Church Survey to Reveal State of the Church in America Today

National church survey reveals important data about the state of the church in America today The survey has been conducted for the past two years in several hundred congregations from all denominations across the United States. All collected national trends provide information about essential ministry dynamics and characteristics of the local congregation like: Church Type […]

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3 Accelerating Trends in Local Churches Today

More multi-site and multi-venue churches. It does not seem that long ago that a multi-site church in America was a rare exception. Indeed, many viewed this approach with suspicion because they were uncertain about its efficacy or theological foundations. Today, the multi-site church seems commonplace and normative. The acceleration of the multi-site church is taking […]

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