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  • Scotty Searan Some parents whose children are confronted with the harsher realities in everyday life may wonder whether it’s a good idea to let them see even more suffering and distress. Other parents may worry that exposing kids to a harder side of life than they’ve seen before could traumatize the children.
    These are understandable concerns, and according to some experts, there are cases where children have become overly sensitive to the suffering of others. This is particularly true of children who are already emotionally fragile. Not all giving is healthy for the giver; if a child starts placing the needs of others above his own, this could be a sign that perhaps he or she is giving too much.
    What most inspires a child to grow up caring about others is the caring that the child receives. That nurturing is itself a perfect role model for children. Experts point out that when children feel they have a secure base at home, they’re more likely to venture out and pay attention to others. It’s when they feel deprived of love and nurturing that they focus too much on themselves and their own needs.

  • its a MUST Michael Ellis Carter Jr.

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