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  • It seems to me that most church communication falls short of really effective communication. We need messages that get attention,hold attention and call for action. Almost never do we see messages that are well crafted and sell ( that is give compelling reasons to be a vital part of the worlds most important institution. ) ” be instant in season, out of season” I Tim 4:2 I know Christians who have been going to church for years and couldn’t give one short, understandable reason for being part of God’s kingdom. Try your hand at writing one sentence that draws people to the church, it’s harder than it seems!

  • Jim Price I dont know about that. Having advised churches for many many years I find they got pretty good financial planning overall. At least as to how to spend their money – getting money is another story. Now then this survey that covers the past 5-6 years is interesting to me because it covers 2 presidents. Furthermore, it shows increasing decline in church finances in recent years. For this reason most church finances are spent on the church itself The tax reform is taking more money contrary to the expected. There was a lot of hype and anticipation that is ending with well… less money

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