Financial Strategies for Churches

Over 80% of American churches today can sum up their challenges in four simple words: We need more money! At the same time, consistently across the chart, some 95% of the finances never leave the local congregation, being spent on the local church’s needs and goals. It is simply the reality of the world in which we live. If your church is growing through a ministry plateau because of finances, can connect you with leading experts in church finances who can advise you on budget management and fund raising. has teamed up with Franklin Financial Planning to help and promote church ministry. They have agreed to provide a 30-45 min. complimentary phone consultation with Pastors to discuss areas of concern. If your church’s situation necessitates a more in-depth analysis, at that point Franklin Financial Planning will provide a proposal outlining the scope of the relationship, exactly what their team will strive to help the church accomplish, and a fee for retaining services. You can contact their office via telephone: (866) 653-9907 or at the following web address:

Franklin Financial Planning

1. Pastors do not teach principles of financial stewardship from the Bible
2. Financial issues are generally ignored hoping to go away on their own
3. Lack of budget focus allowing money to go to too many streams
4. Seasons of offering and fund raisings are not planned
5. The debt of the church is greater than its’ income
6. Prosperity is not viewed as a Biblical doctrine
7. Members are not committed to tithing


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