2015 STATE of the MEGACHURCH REPORT: Recent Shifts in America’s Largest Protestant Churches

Leadership Network & Hartford Institute
The Beck Group by Scott Thumma, Ph.D. and Warren Bird, Ph.D.

Amid reports from America’s largest Protestant churches of scandals or decline after pastoral transitions, many have speculated about their health and future vitality. Our 2015 survey of megachurches, the fifth such survey since 2000 that our two organizations have created and fielded, directly addresses this topic of vitality and related trends that are shaping these largest churches, and indirectly influencing all other congregations as well.

This executive summary highlights the noteworthy trends and also the troubling challenges evident in the 2015 megachurch survey results. Much of this report addresses the issues that survey participants stated they hoped to learn from the survey. For greater detail of these and other results of
individual questions see the survey frequencies. Additionally, smaller focused reports about multisite churches, outreach efforts to young adults, measures of vitality and growth and succession will be released individually over the coming months

Click here for the FULL 2015 STATE of the MEGACHURCH REPORT

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