A Giant Step in Bible Accessibility

Approximately 12 million people over the age of 40 in the US have vision impairment. Glasses or contacts can help many in that group, but of those 12 million people, 4.2 million have uncorrectable vision and 1.02 million are blind. That is a significant portion of the population that is unable to read a traditional print Bible!

There are wonderful audio Bibles that are helping to fill this void, but for many, holding a Bible in their hands and being able to read the pages is a precious experience.

“I am legally blind. There are so many of us out there who love the Lord and struggle to find Bibles in large enough print that are as exciting to us as the ones available to those without a disability,” NLT reader Jill wrote to us at Tyndale Bibles.

She has a good point! There are so many different types of Bibles out there for different interests, but what about for people who need significantly larger print? People are trying to find ways to interact with God’s Word but are unable to find a Bible with a large font that also provides additional helps to better engage with what they are reading. This was a question that needed an answer. What could we do?

We started with our beloved Bible-journaling brand: Inspire. We were able to create a journaling Bible with nearly 13-point text font and still include all the amazing Scripture line-art for coloring and wide-margins for note-taking and art-journaling. People were really excited about our Inspire PRAYER Giant Print Bible, including our new friend, Jill.

“Thank you for remembering the visually impaired as we love our Lord, Jesus. I am thrilled with this beautiful Inspire Bible I can actually use. I feel special and included to be able to color and journal despite my disability,” Jill emailed.

What would be next? A study Bible? But how could we create a robust study Bible that has print large enough for visually impaired people to read but is still small enough to carry around? A traditional print study Bible is already difficult to carry.

“Those with some vision ability, like me—I have 35 percent vision left—are all very, very computer and iPhone/Android adept. As a matter of fact, for many of us, we rely on our phones as a way of life to travel, walk, navigate rooms, read—just about everything. Our phones are a huge part of our eyes,” wrote Jill.

Our newly released Filament Bible Collection was the perfect answer. The print Bible has an icon near the page number, and when you scan it with your phone or tablet, an app opens and gives access to study notes, devotionals, videos, interactive resources such as maps and infographics, worship music, and more.

We were able to create the Super Giant Print Filament Bible with an incredible 16-point text font! Not only was the print readable, but by scanning the icon, people have access to an amazing amount of extrabiblical resources, and the Bible is easy to carry with you!

“I am utterly thrilled with everything and cannot thank you enough! From the bottom of my heart . . . thank you, Tyndale, for bringing the Bible to life in such amazing ways,” said Jill.

This is our mission: to help people whose hearts are longing for God to find ways to understand and interact with his Word. We want to resource His Church and guide people into a deeper understanding of Christ through Scripture.


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