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  • Why are there so many different Pentecostal organizations that do not even,or are have, or are called, after the name of Jesus Christ? (Eph 5:23)

  • Who should they be called after?

  • Eph 5:23 “Christ is the Head of the Church” “Jesus Christ”

  • Ricky Grimsley why dont we see the growing TX churches of Donald and Timothy K.

  • David Griffin if you ever join a church plant (a new church) you might figure out some of these things. People get together as a church because they have a common purpose of reaching their own community with the Gospel and having a place for corporate worship. I know those things don’t mean much to some people even though they seemed to mean a great deal to Jesus Christ. When people partner together to accomplish these goals it is called a “church.” If they are soul winners, the church grows quickly and no longer fits in someone’s home. The people of that church need to protect themselves and each other from predators that would wish to sue them and take their homes and life savings if the partners make a mistake in letting a floor get wet and slippery. So, they incorporate to force the predators to sue the corporation instead of suing the individual members. Then, some knucklehead comes along with no desire to partner with real Christians and perhaps even some jealousy over their success so he complains and rants about things that he has no experience or knowledge about.
    Jude 10 But these speak evil of those things which they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beasts, in those things they corrupt themselves.

  • Donald Phillips we are a multicampus ministry We’ve started several church plants in the past 20 years. What is your point?

  • Donald Phillips, Never heard of a plant church. //a new church// That must mean anyone can start a church.
    //People create churches//
    The church must be organized by Jesus Christ not people. Eph 4:11-14)
    // When people partner together// (It’s call a 5013c, not for profit) and they, the people usually name the church by some other name than Jesus Christ. (Eph 5:23)
    A corporation by definition is a business organization existing as an entity APART from its members. A corporation has payed members and exist for profit. The church of Jesus Christ has no payed ministry. ( 1Cor 9:16-18; Acts 20:33-34; St John 10: 11-13)

    There are many Pentecostal organizations that do not bear the name of Jesus Christ. I have never seen one with the name of Jesus Christ in its title.

    The common purpose of the church of Jesus Christ is to bring souls to God not to make a profit.

    The Church of Jesus Christ must be a missionary church. I’ve never seen any Penicostal organization that has missionaries other than its own congregation. (Matt 28: 19-20)
    And they are not One in Christ. If they were One in Christ they would all teach the same thing.

    Many Penicostal member get discouraged or bent out of shape with an exciting organization and go create their own,//plant church//

    The church of Jesus Christ will have a foundation of Prophets and Apostles.(Eph2:29-20. I’ve never been in a Penicostal organization were I ever saw or heard of any having a Prohpet or an Apostle.

    Officers of the church of Jesus Christ must be called of God, (Ex 28:1; 40: 13-16; HEB 4:4) //People get together// and form a corporate church with its members. None of them are called of God as was Aaron.

    If the Lord is their protector why do they need the laws of man to protect them? Is not God all in all?

    Real Christians don’t sell the gospel of Jesus Christ.( see Acts 8:20) were Simon offered to purchase the Priesthood from from Peter and John.

    While Penicostal have good intentions, it seems to me that by the scriptures they are not the true church of Jesus Christ.

  • David Griffin, you are either out of touch with reality or else you have an axe to grind on technicalities. Either way, I am done with this thread.

  • David Griffin, you claimed that the “purpose” of the church is only to win souls. That’s patently false! The bylaws of every church I have ever seen puts worship as the first purpose because worship fulfills the first and greatest commandment of all. That is the command to love the Lord with all of your heart (Matt.22:37-38). Furthermore, you are completely ignorant of the current language that is used for starting churches, yet you expect us to treat you like an expert when you don’t even recognize the word “church plant” and you obviously don’t know anything about “church planters.” Then, you expect people to simply trust the Lord to protect them from church lawsuits, but you personally have insurance on your car, your home, your health, and your life. Give us a break, David Griffin and quit pretending to be Mr. Know-it-all. We can see through your facade. I am willing to be nice and exchange pleasantries with you, or I can continue to point out the gaps in your costume.

  • Show us those ” bylaws of every church” Donald Phillips Wasnt aware of such autographs being still kept 2000 yrs later

  • The bylaws of every Penicostal organization are written by men, as you have said,//People create churches// a New plant church//
    None of the Penicostal organization bear the name of Jesus Christ as this list of churches in Texas demonstrates as also the the list posted for the State of Louisiana.
    The scripture is clear that Jesus Christ is the Head and must bear his name. Eph5:23
    I don’t expect you to treat anybody like anything, Those are your expectations turning on you.
    I personally have no insurance except on my vehicle of which is required by law. The Lord is very specific in how to treat everyone, even your enemies or have you not read the Sermon on the Mount?

    I don’t expect anyone to trust the Lord, the Lord expects one to trust him and not in the arm of flesh and blood( men)Ruth 2:12; 2Sam 22:3; 2Chr 5:20; Job 13-15;
    Ps2:12; 9:10; Prob 3-5; Ida 50:20; Dan 3:28; Nah1:7; 1Tim4:10; HEB 2:13; 1Pet 3-5,ect ect ect. Not me. But God and the Lord Jesus Christ.
    And I am as transparent as they come.
    If you are only willing to be nice when the Savior says to love all, why then do you not follow the Lord?
    It’s not my points, it is the Lord’s words that I have posted here, and made observations and asked questions. If the words of the Lord offend you pr my observations and questions offend you, maybe you lack in the knowledge of the scriptures.
    Not being facetious just asking?

  • David Griffin you have been listening to Church of Christ nonsense created by Alexander Campbell which makes it a manmade doctrine. Despite your false ideas, the Bible itself provides names of churches that did not have “Jesus Christ” in their names. For example, 1Cor 1:2 (KJV) “Unto the CHURCH OF GOD at Corinth…” Act 8:1 (YLT) “And Saul was assenting to his death, and there came in that day a great persecution upon THE ASSEMBLY IN JERUSALEM…” Act 11:22 (YLT) “And the account was heard in the ears of THE ASSEMBLY that is in JERUSALEM concerning them, and they sent forth Barnabas to go through unto Antioch…” Rom 16:1 (YLT) “And I commend you to Phebe our sister — being a ministrant of the ASSEMBLY that is in Cenchrea…” Act 20:17 (YLT) “And from Miletus, having sent to Ephesus, he called for the elders of THE ASSEMBLY…” Act 20:28 (YLT) ‘Take heed, therefore, to yourselves, and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit made you overseers, to feed THE ASSEMBLY OF GOD that He acquired through His own blood…” 1Cor 10:32 (YLT) “…to Jews and Greeks, and to THE ASSEMBLY OF GOD…”
    BTW, the YLT is the Young’s Literal Translation.

    • Sorry, I do not know an Alexander Campbell.
      Your example of 1Cor 1:2 states that, ” unto the church of God which is at Corinth, to them that are sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints, with all that in every place call upon the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, both theirs and ours.” You only posted part of that passage. Saints are certainly of the church of Jesus Christ the son who is also the God of the O.T.

      I only use the
      KJV of the Bible. All others after are just rubbish. Of which there are many.
      All of the passages of scripture you mention have no reference to any Assembly, only in your Young’s translation , who is just another man, who seems to have changed and added words to the bible. Of which is also just rubbish.

    • So, the Corinthian church in the Bible was called the church of God at Corinth. No mention of the name “Jesus Christ” when Paul gives the name of that church. You failed to support your claim.

    • Donald Phillips keep reading.its members were called saints.

    • Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Apostle Paul called it “the church of God” and not the “church of Christ.”

    • Donald Phillips Penicostal organizations are all called by different names. None of the bear the name if Jesus Christ.

  • It’s not about “being nice” so much as it is about correcting your false doctrines on this public forum.

  • Sorry, I do not know an Alexander Campbell.
    The scripture passages are not false doctrine.
    And also the epistle of Paul the Apostle, to the Corinthians was written to the Saints.They were members of the church of God as verse two states, “to them that are sanctified in Jesus Christ, called to be saints,” you might want go back and read the whole verse.
    I do not use any bible but the KJV. All Bibles after that are just full of the rubbish of men. The KJV Acts 11:22 states, ” P. Then tidings of These things came unto the ears of the church which was in Jerusalem: and they sent forth Barnabas,(a levite, see Acts 4:36) that he should not go as far as Antioch.”
    Romans 16:1 states that “I (Paul the apostle) commend unto you Phebe our sister, which is a servant of the church which is at Cenchrea:” This States a church at Cenchrea it does not give a name of the church.
    None of these passages of scripture ypu mention have anything to do or says anything of an ASSEMBLY. I guess that this person Young, whoever he is, seems he has changed and added words to the Bible. SAD.

  • Of course you don’t know Alexander Campbell because he died in 1866, but you certainly know at least one of his followers because you have the same false doctrines that he used to start the Church of Christ. You also think you are qualified to know which translation of the Bible is the best but your spelling and grammar show that your education could not possibly include proficiency in Hebrew and Greek. You claim all of the others are full of “rubbish” but you are obviously not qualified to be an authority on the subject since you have no linguistic training. You make bold claims but you have no evidence to support your claims. There is an Italian word for that. It is called “bologna.”

  • Nope, Don’t know any of Alexsnder Campbell’s followers either. But you seem to know about him.
    People who are in the wrong always stoop to attacking the right. It shows ignorance. Like the liberal democrats.
    And yes, the KJV of the Bible is the most correct. All others, especially your Young’s translation has added words and changed words to suit men’s personal hypocrite needs as you have shown. They are rubbish.
    And I do agree with you the all of Penicostal organizations are false. For One, None of them bear the name of Jesus Christ.[Eph5:23] They all are called by some other name.

    Two, none of them have of a foundation of Prophets Apostles[Eph 2:19-20]

    Three, none of them were organized by Jesus Christ none have the same organization as Jesus Christ, they are organized by men,many men, they call it “planting a church” And their 5013c bears this out. [Eph4:11-4]

    Four, ALL of them have a payed ministry. The true Church of Jesus Christ has no paid ministry.
    [1Cor9:16-18, Acts20:33-34; St John20:11-13]

    Five, must claim revelation from God [Amos3:7]Penicostals do not even have prophets.

    Six, Penicostals do not have missionaries other than their own congregations

    Seven, none of the Penicostal organizations are or even claim to be the restored church of Jesus Christ[Acts3:19-30]

    Eight. The Penicostal organizations choose their payed ministers by the vote of their committies and/or board members. Officers of God must be called by God, as was Aaron[Ex28:1; 40:13-16; Heb4:4]
    This is to name a few.

    Who made you qualified to claim that the Young’s bible, with it changes and added of words to the Words Jesus Christ is truth?
    Maybe you got a certificate or a diploma from some seminary lead by other men, a piece of paper to hang on your wall?
    I make no claims. I have posted passages from the KJV of the Bible, which is more widely used than any other translation and is recognised by more people than any other, made observations and asked questions.
    And Bologna, is a town in Italy it got its name because of the sausage they make.. LOL.
    If you notice, which I think you haven’t, the Lord uses the weak things of the world to bring to naught the mighty and strong things of the world. I.E. Jesus Christ himself,as compared to the hypocrites of the Sanhedern, scribes, Sadusees, lawyers and Pharisees.
    David and Goliath, Israel itself is small in comparison to its surrounding muslim counties and to the world.
    You do error in not knowing the scriptures.

  • You use the word “ignorance” in the same sentence that you accuse me of knowing too much. Evidently, you don’t realize that “ignorance” is a lack of knowledge, so the term falls on you rather than me in the discussion of Alexander Campbell because I evidently read more American history than you do. Your lack of reading American history has left you “ignorant” of Alexander Campbell.
    You claim that the “other translations . . . has added words” to the Bible. The problem is, you don’t know enough Hebrew and Greek to know if those words were accidentally left out by the KJV or intentionally added in by the “other translations.” You are ignorant of the knowledge and skills required to either prove or disprove your claim.
    You claim that the Lord is using you, but I don’t see it.

  • One can have a lot of ignorant knowledge.

  • I don’t need to know Greek of Hebrew to understand English.
    Nope, never claimed that the Lord was using me for anything, only repeated what He taught. Your Alexander Campbell was just another ordinary man, as you said he is dead.
    Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Elias, Enoch and His whole city, Peleg and His whole city, Just men made perfect, John of the island Patmus and others have never tasted death and none of them spoke Greek.
    And proof is in the pudding. Your own examples of scripture of Young’s translation shows he changed and added to the Lord’s

  • Your claim that the name of the church must include the name of “Jesus Christ” is a false claim that was first made by Alexander Campbell (the founder of the “Church of Christ” or the Campbellites). If it walks like a duck…

  • You claim the church must have “Jesus Christ” in the name? Go join the Mormons.

  • You claim the church must only use the KJV? Go join the Mormons.

    • Nope. Never made that claim. Only that I used the KJVwhich is the most correct. All others after it are tramslated by men who gave changed and added words.

    • Read the preface to the KJV. The translators even claimed that it was translated by men.

    • The men that translated the KJV would be shocked to see the way some people talk about their work as though it was equal to the copies of the original documents.

    • Donald Phillips the original manuscripts will probably never be found. The KJV is the most correct. Although it was translated by 160 men into old English from German which was translated from Greek, which was translated from Latin,which was translated Hebrew, ect,ect,ect.
      There are thousands of other translation of which like Alexander Campbell’s were words were added and changed, corrupting the words of God to suit their own ideas.

    • You could not be further from the truth! We have dependable copies of most of the OT and the NT. The Dead Sea scrolls proved that their were no drastic changes in the OT documents that had been passed down for centuries. You sound more and more like a Mormon.

    • Donald Phillips Your own post reveal that Alexander Campbell changed and added words.

    • Your own posts reveal that you follow his doctrine.

    • What is your belief about water baptism? Is it a requirement for salvation? Does it matter where you receive it?

    • Donald Phillips It does not matter where one is baptized The Savior was baptized in a river, by immersion(Matt 3:14-15)
      And one must be baptized by one holding the authority to do so. Jesus could have had a priest of the temple or Sadusees or Pharisee, but they did not have the authority,they were all corrupt. Jesus walked about 60 miles to have John the Baptist perform the ordinance. John was ordai ed by his father Zacharias who was a temple worker. Not just anyone can perform the baptismal ordinance. It must be done by someone who has been called of God, as was Aaron, he being a HIGH PRIEST over the Levitical or lesser priesthood after the order of the Son of God. Or someone in the Higher Priesthood after the order of the Son of GOD, i.e. Elder, High Priest, Seventy, Apostle, or even a Prophet who have been called, set apart, and ordained to one pf these offices in the Higher Priesthood. A certificate issued by some college or seminary is not authority from God.

  • I see your problem now, David Griffin. You are a closet Mormon.

  • Actually the seventeen point were organized by four nonmornon college students who compiled the points as a college project.

  • The Mormon church is selling it, there’s your source.

  • So now you are name calling. That’s what piece do when they are losing and or are liberal democrats. SAD.

  • I am not name calling, I was merely stating that you have all the signs of being a Mormon.

  • QUOTE: “Floyd Weston recounts the extraordinary experience of five college friends. Using only the New Testament as their guide, Floyd and four of his friends from college identified the key doctrines and organization of the Church established by Christ. Separated by the events of World War II and the pursuits of careers and families, the friends re-unite and discover that in their individual quests to find the true church, as described in the New Testament, each had joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. An inspiring and faith promoting story.”

  • David, which King James Version do you use? No one today reads from the 1611 version, which also included the Apocrypha. The 1769 revision is the most common version of the King James translation, and this one includes thousands of differences compared to the original 1611 version.

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