Multisite with faster growth than church planting

  • Multisite is currently producing faster growth than church planting.
  • 85% of multisite churches are growing.
  • Smaller churches are starting to go with a multisite strategy.
  • Many churches are adding locations because of mergers.
  • 88% of churches surveyed reported an overall increased number of volunteers.
  • The average multisite church is just 4 years old.
  • Half of multisite churches plan to launch another campus in the next 12 months.

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  • Billy Winneroski WHY do you dislike multisite churches? – churches that have multiple campuses, but one pastor…and if you’re not at the church that pastor is at….the sermon part of the service is “simulcast” to the other campuses

    A multisite church is one church that meets at multiple locations. Today’s approach ranges from transmitting a sermon by satellite to multiple locations, to creating a number of worship opportunities within the same congregation at multiple times and sites.

    and there is of course a reason Why Multisite Churches Get Stuck? Most of the 8,000-plus multisite churches in the United States are stuck at one or two additional campuses because they don’t know how (or aren’t willing) to make the organizational changes necessary to fully deliver their church to multiple locations. The majority of multisite churches are still functioning like a mono-site church with campuses instead of as a church of campuses. Very few multisite churches get beyond three campuses. Those that do figure out how to reproduce their ministry best practices and restructure organizationally.

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