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TOP 20 Church Growth Principles

1. Make sure your commitment to daily prayer is greater than the enemy’s desire to prevent you from growing. That means constantly staying on your face before God and asking him for His anointing upon your life, your preaching, and your ministry. 2. Work harder and smarter than anyone else. Often people will ask me, […]

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Multisite with faster growth than church planting

Multisite is currently producing faster growth than church planting. 85% of multisite churches are growing. Smaller churches are starting to go with a multisite strategy. Many churches are adding locations because of mergers. 88% of churches surveyed reported an overall increased number of volunteers. The average multisite church is just 4 years old. Half of […]

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5 Helpful Church Growth Ratios

Church growth ratios are a reference tool to aid in ministry action plans. Ratios are broad guidelines describing general characteristics that healthy, growing churches will exhibit. The Bonsai Theory or 80% Rule The 80% Rule observes that churches will grow to fill their available space. Ken Hemphill coined the term “Bonsai Theory” to illustrate this […]

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