WEBSITES for MINISTRY: The Creative Process

wordpress_biggerBefore moving into social media, it is helpful to establish a personal and/or church website where most resources are located conveniently for visitors to find. Recommended, this would be a WordPress based blog-like website, which is designed for easy content management i.e. text, pictures, audio and video:

  1. First thing to do is get a .com domain name for the website(s). Other choices may also prove suitable
  2. Second, hosting for the website needs to be purchased. This is the virtual web space where the files and database of the website will be stored. For a WordPress hosted website, a basic hosting plan from GoDaddy would be around $5/mo (
  3. Finally, the design for the website is determined by a web template – a set of files that makes your website look the way it will be seen by the visitors.
  4. GoDaddy hosting installs WordPress automatically so you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff. The whole process in detail is described here:
  5. If the above seems too complicated, an alternative free and simple blog could be setup in minutes with free hosting on It is not as good as a owned and personalized website, but it will get most of the job done (with some minor limitations).

Once the website(s) is established, the blogging process begins as described here:

When enough content is built up, you can proceed with:

  • Social networking (promoting the content to the targeted group of people)
  • and Social events (meetings with the targeted group of people in person)

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