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5 More Ways to Use Google Hangouts for Churches

Stream your sermons and bible studies LIVE on YouTube, record it and publicize it via this powerful social video network Hold an interactive Bible Study and ministry meetings that can also be recorded Have interactive Counseling sessions where legally applicably Broadcast special events, conferences, webinars and online training Podcasts done quickly with the MP4 file created […]

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5 Helpful Church Growth Ratios

Church growth ratios are a reference tool to aid in ministry action plans. Ratios are broad guidelines describing general characteristics that healthy, growing churches will exhibit. The Bonsai Theory or 80% Rule The 80% Rule observes that churches will grow to fill their available space. Ken Hemphill coined the term “Bonsai Theory” to illustrate this […]

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5 Steps for Strengthening Church Organizations

BY TONY MORGAN | GROWING STRATEGIES Many churches are stuck because they have ignored the importance of organizational health. I’m sure that they never intentionally plan to create an unhealthy environment but I see it happening pretty frequently. Churches quickly find themselves in a place where there are ministry silos operating independently of one another. Competition, jealousy, lack of passion […]

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