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What Church Leaders Need to Know about the GOP Tax Bill Just Passed

What are the greatest benefits to pastors (and church workers)? Frank Sommerville (CPA, attorney, and editorial advisor for Church Law & Tax): Pastors will benefit along with 80.4 percent of other Americans. Nothing affects the pastors differently from the other population. Ted Batson (CPA, partner and tax counsel of CPA firm CapinCrouse): There are no […]

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Developing Leaders in the Church

Success is an interesting thing. Unless we clearly outline metrics and define what success actually looks like, it’s up to the eye of the beholder. So the programmatic rat race in most churches continues. Most churches merely exist to keep running their programs and services. They are not developing leaders intentionally and consistently. When leaders […]

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10 Concerns of Young Leaders

They do not want to do ministry alone. Not only do they recognize the value of together facing struggles, but they also understand the strength of collective wisdom. Indeed, many argue that leading a church without a plurality of leaders is unbiblical. Whether in a local church or on the mission field, they want to […]

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