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Some highlights from today’s episode include: A vision statement is God’s specific plan for a specific church at a specific time. Too many vision statements are abstract and don’t click with the people in a church. The vision statement of your church should mirror your church’s discipleship process. Every ministry in your church should align […]

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ChurchInfluence.com 2.0 Church Trends

ChurchInfluence.com is ALL NEW! We have taken special care in rolling out the 2.0 version of the website with a brand new approach to measuring and assessing the social influence of your ministry. This includes new church influence tools and inventories in: church trends church scores top 20 area assessment new team of experts finances […]

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Church Giving, Budgeting, and Financial/Generosity Ministry

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY & PRESS RELEASE SURVEY OF 1000+ CHURCHES on Church Giving, Budgeting, and Financial/Generosity Ministry Background on the survey: In late 2008 and early 2009 there were a growing number of media articles and news stories about a decline in church giving in light of the growing recession in America. Church giving stories were in city newspapers, […]

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“The six stages of a dying church:” Denial. The church is declining numerically, but no one seems concerned. Fewer people are reached with the gospel, but no alarm sounds. The church’s impact on the community is negligible, but life continues in the church like nothing has happened. Recalibration. There is a sense that something’s wrong […]

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