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The State of RELIGION in AMERICA Today

Religions: Explore religious groups in the U.S. by tradition, family and denomination Christian 70.6% ►ExpandEvangelical Protestant25.4% ►ExpandMainline Protestant14.7% ►ExpandHistorically Black Protestant6.5% Catholic20.8% ►ExpandMormon1.6% ►ExpandOrthodox Christian0.5% Jehovah’s Witness0.8% ►ExpandOther Christian0.4% Non-Christian Faiths 5.9% Jewish1.9% Muslim0.9% Buddhist0.7% Hindu0.7% Other World Religions0.3% Other Faiths1.5% Unaffiliated (religious “nones”)22.8% Atheist3.1% Agnostic4.0% Nothing in particular15.8% Don’t know0.6% % of adults who are “highly religious” […]

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How religious is your state?

There are many potential ways of defining what it means to be religious, but for the purposes of this analysis, we looked at four common measures of religious observance: worship attendance, prayer frequency, belief in God and the self-described importance of religion in one’s life. The interactive tool above allows you to rank the 50 U.S. […]

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2015 STATE of the MEGACHURCH REPORT: Recent Shifts in America’s Largest Protestant Churches

Leadership Network & Hartford Institute The Beck Group by Scott Thumma, Ph.D. and Warren Bird, Ph.D. Amid reports from America’s largest Protestant churches of scandals or decline after pastoral transitions, many have speculated about their health and future vitality. Our 2015 survey of megachurches, the fifth such survey since 2000 that our two organizations have created and fielded, directly addresses this topic of vitality and […]

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2015 STATE of the CHURCH REPORT: American Congregations – Thriving and Surviving

American Congregations 2015 is the introductory report on the Faith Communities Today 2015 (FACT 2015) national survey of congregations. FACT2015 is the fifth survey in a series beginning in 2000, and replicated in 2005, 2008 and 2010. This report focuses on an initial look at core trends across the survey series and a first look at new sets […]

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National Church Survey to Reveal State of the Church in America Today

National church survey reveals important data about the state of the church in America today The survey has been conducted for the past two years in several hundred congregations from all denominations across the United States. All collected national trends provide information about essential ministry dynamics and characteristics of the local congregation like: Church Type […]

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Upcoming Official Results of the National State of the Church Survey

For the past several years since the beginning of ChurchInfluence.com, our team of experts has been working on collecting, compiling and analyzing the data from the nationwide survey [http://churchinfluence.com/survey/]. It has become a central topic in our conversations with congregations and leaders across the nation and around the world about church, God and beyond. Starting […]

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