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6 ways to increase financial capacity for church planting

Ways to increase financial capacity for church planting Notes from Tasmanian Church Planting Conference elective, Joe Towns, 19 October 2016 on “Ways to increase financial capacity for church planting”: Church Planting involves money. It involves money before hand, during, and for some time after. This elective explores how we can get the church finances geared up […]

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Church Planting Self Assessment: ARE YOU A CHURCH PLANTER?

“How do you spot a church planter?”  “What does a church planter look like?”  Many believe the number one reason why church plants fail is the selection of the wrong planter.  Therefore, wrestling with this question of what a church planter looks like is extremely important for those leading a church planting movement.  Unfortunately, this […]

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Multisite with faster growth than church planting

Multisite is currently producing faster growth than church planting. 85% of multisite churches are growing. Smaller churches are starting to go with a multisite strategy. Many churches are adding locations because of mergers. 88% of churches surveyed reported an overall increased number of volunteers. The average multisite church is just 4 years old. Half of […]

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